The 43North competition had more than 11,000 registrants from 117 countries and all 50 states. These 11 teams came out on top, and were awarded four $250,000 prizes, six $500,000 prizes, and one $1 million grand prize.

Congratulations to the following winners!



ACV Auctions - $1 million

Hometown: Buffalo, NY, USA

ACV Auctions is a live wholesale marketplace for dealer-only automobile auctions. Conducted via a smartphone application, ACV Auctions creates liquidity for wholesale inventory (trade-ins and aged automobiles) 24-hours-a-day. An intuitive five-minute process of snapping pictures and drafting a vehicle description launches an auction to hundreds of registered buyers.


CleanSlate - $500,000

Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada

The "CleanSlate" Ultra Violet (UV) system is a tabletop rapid device sanitizer for improved infection control. It sanitizes smartphones, tablets, glucometers, thermometers and a range of other portable electronics using UV light. Using RFID tags, the "CleanSlate" provides infection control staff with accurate compliance data on device sanitization reports.


Cytocybernetics - $500,000

Hometown: North Tonawanda, NY, USA

Cytocybernetics has developed novel technology to improve drug safety screening. It will ensure that new drugs brought to market do not cause cardiac arrhythmias as a side effect. This technology will increase the speed and reliability with which pharmaceutical companies can navigate the FDA approval process for all new drugs.

ddgDisease Diagnostic Group (DDG) -$500,000

Hometown: Boston, MA, USA

DDG is focused on screening, tracking and diagnosing highly infectious diseases that benefit from ultra-low cost and rapid early-stage diagnosis, potentially saving millions. Its platform technology has yielded portable and reusable devices capable of quantitatively assessing diseases from a drop of blood—in one-minute—at ultra-low costs.

painless1099Painless1099 - $500,000

Hometown: Richmond, VA, USA

Painless1099 opens "smart bank accounts" for freelance professionals to automate withholding, saving for, and paying state and federal taxes.



uma-bioseedUma Bioseed - $500,000

Hometown: Ithaca, NY, USA

Uma Bioseed has developed a patented, enzyme-based, organic seed-treatment solution. This solution protects agricultural seeds from pathogens (virus, bacteria and fungus) both on and around the seed throughout the critical germination phase, enabling the possibility of significantly enhanced crop yields and greater food security.



voiceittVoiceitt - $500,000

Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel

Voiceitt's product, Talkitt, aims to revolutionize the way people who have speech disabilities due to various motor, speech and language disabilities communicate, enabling them to use the most natural means there is, their own voice.




coachmeplusCoachMePlus - $250,000

Hometown: Buffalo, NY, USA

CoachMePlus manages data that coaches and athletes use to optimize athletic performance. Athletic teams at all levels use the system to track athlete health, manage workouts, and improve game day readiness. Its NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA clients illustrate its ability to support athletes, coaches and front office personnel.

getgems-mainGetGems - $250,000

Hometown – Tel Aviv, Israel

GetGems is the first digital currency startup to link mobile payments on the blockchain with a social networking platform. Unlike other messaging apps that offer payment functionality, GetGems reaches beyond those currently banked to those without a bank account or debit card. Blockchain technology enables this transfer of value. - $250,000

Hometown: Waterloo, ON, Canada

Plum is a turnkey cloud software solution using modern behavioral science and predictive analytics to instantly identify high potential job applicants for success and fit. The results are scientifically matched up to an employer's needs, for each role, creating an invaluable shortlist.

qointsQoints - $250,000

Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada

Qoints aggregates digital marketing data. As less than 25 percent of brand marketers use data to justify decision making; Qoints helps brands and agencies evaluate the performance of their digital campaigns by comparing against industry benchmarks.


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