Capricorn Food Waste Challenge WinnerPowered by Skild, the Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge was launched in July 2022 and called for innovative and sustainable solutions from the public on reducing food waste in Namibia and, as a result, promoting food security.

The 2022 Food Waste Challenge had a total of 101 submissions under the categories of collection, distribution, and storage of food and food products. Not only did submissions come from Namibia, but also from South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, India, and Portugal. The submissions were taken through an extensive internal judging process and then taken through an external judging panel, representing various sectors of the economy.

On October 17, the Capricorn Foundation announced Sara Ekondo, from Awana Foods based in Oshakati, as the 2022 Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge overall winner and recipient of the N$100,000.00 cash prize.

The winning idea? “Lengthening the shelf-life of produce and reducing waste through value addition and preservation.” Awana Foods is a local business operating in Oshakati, and its solution stems from sourcing excess and B-grade produce from farmers, converting it into different products. The goal is to prolong produce’s shelf life while retaining its nutritional value by making products such as chutney and concentrate syrup.

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