How to turn a non-profit into a catalyst for innovative change.

cappsciNowhere is innovation more evident than in the nonprofit sector. Case-in-point CappSci, a nonprofit applied science company created by engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Ted Caplow and his wife, former ballerina Pascale van Kipnis Caplow. CappSci made headlines in 2013 with the $1 million Caplow Children's Prize, the largest prize dedicated to saving the lives of children under five. This week, CappSci teamed with the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science to launch the CappSci Inventor program, a series of inventors-in-residence contests to develop solutions for problems plaguing health and the environment (one for the best invention to restore coral reefs, the other to help people reduce their exposure to carcinogens). CappSci's mission is to apply science to global challenges, linking the power of competition with the hyper-connectivity of the global information age. I sat down with CappSci's founder to get his take on how to foster a culture of innovation, both at his company and beyond, and what he's learned from his journey.

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