Here's why I'll never put down my clubs.

Photo by Phillip Ritz Photo by Phillip Ritz

I started playing golf at six-years-old. My swing was awkward, and I was far from a Woods-like prodigy, but I wouldn't trade anything for those weekends on the links with my Dad. I loved the smell of freshly cut grass, the way it felt crunching under my shoes, the calming sound of birds chirping from the oaks that lined the fairways, the deer that would peer at us quizzically as we lugged our bags up and down the course. Those are some of the best memories I have from my youth.

I was so passionate about the game that I practiced every chance I got, and ended up becoming a co-captain on the high school team. And although these days I no longer play as often as I once did, golf is a game that has been with me my whole life. Golf is a game that has helped me balance my life, bring me closer to nature, and ultimately, be more successful. Here's why I'll never put down my clubs.


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