Patents for HumanityPatents for Humanity is an open competition sponsored by the United States Patent Office, which Skild is very proud to help launch and run this year. The annual competition awards innovators who design inventions that can help the less fortunate in five categories: Medicine, Nutrition, Sanitation, Household Energy, and Living Standards.

Interested in entering? Here’s some key details:

  • Deadline: October 31st
  • Top Prizes: About ten of the top entries will win a Patents for Humanity Award and receive fast-track submission and approval for key aspects of their patent entry, along with public recognition at an awards ceremony sponsored by the USPTO.
  • Who Can Enter: Any patent owner, applicant, or licensee. Applicants can submit as a team, as long as at least one applicant meets the eligibility criteria.

The US Patent office was instituted by the Constitution to foster innovation, so we're doubly honored to help them in this effort to innovate for social good. Go here for all the entry details.

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