In my last post, I told you all about our hiring experiment.  We connected this idea with the recent news that Google and other well known Silicon Valley organizations are lacking diversity when it comes to associates in higher level positions.  Anil Rathi, Skild's Founder and CEO penned the article, "How to Fix Google's Gender Gap in 3 Weeks."

"The U.S. tech industry is overwhelmingly male (as recent self-reported demographic data from Google and other top Internet companies confirm), especially among its highly paid technical employees. To judge by many solutions proposed by well-meaning tech leaders, the path to gaining more gender balance is a long one: Better STEM education for girls, more outreach by engineering schools to young women in college, free online code lessons for women beyond the classroom, and so on.

All very laudable, to be sure, but also projects where a positive outcome may not be seen for years, if not decades — even assuming the public and private support for them can be sustained.

So what if I was to suggest an additional strategy where tangible results might be seen in weeks or even days?

Let me explain...

Read the rest of the story on VentureBeat.

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