NASA, NIKE, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US Department of State NASA, NIKE, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US Department of State identified and rewarded innovations that will transform the system of fabrics to one that advances equitable global economic growth, drives human prosperity and replenishes the planet’s resources.  Here are the 10 finalists in this Skild supported competition. Click on any image for more details.

Mark Brown - Benign By DesignMark Brown - Benign By Design’s unique data-driven process propels the textile industry toward cost effective fabrics that emit fewer and less toxic fibers.


Rana Gupta - Geckskin

Rana Gupta - Geckskin is a device that can attach and release effortlessly, repeatedly and quietly without affecting either surface.

Sam Harrington - Ecovative

Sam Harrington - Ecovative works with nature to replace plastics, foams, and other harmful materials with a new high performance, mycelium-based biomaterial platform technology.


Oliver Heintz - BARKTEXOliver Heintz - BARKTEX® is a contemporary take on traditional bark cloth, which is produced in a sustainable way from the Ugandan Ficus tree.


Suzanne Lee  - BiocoutureSuzanne Lee - Biocouture is building an open source ‘bioneer’ community of material innovators to catalyze an explosion of product development in this area.


Jay Nalbach - CRAiLARJay Nalbach - CRAiLAR’s processing technology efficiently creates a high quality natural flax fiber which is nearly indistinguishable from cotton.


Felix Puller - QmilkFelix Puller - Qmilk uses surplus milk unfit for human consumption to produce a new casein-based fiber as a bio-textile replacement for cotton.


Candice Reffe - Eileen Fisher Blue Flower Initiative (BFI)Candice Reffe - The Eileen Fisher Blue Flower Initiative (BFI) reframes the existing textile values chain as a sustainable eco-industrial co-operative with a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration.


Akshay Sethi - Ambercycle RecyclingAkshay Sethi - Ambercycle's novel process lowers the cost of recycling plastics and provides waste-generators and producers a sustainable and economically sensible choice for the disposal and synthesis of plastics.

Tara Sutherland - Artificial Honey Bee SilksTara Sutherland - Bio-synthetic silk is produced through a process that allows industrial volume silk production at room temperature without negative environmental effects.


Congratulations to all of this years finalists!

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