Photo by Sam Loyd at UnsplashInnovation is my business. Come to think of it, it’s your business too. At least, it better be . . .

For 15 years, Skild has had one mission: To empower people and organizations by tapping into unheard voices and fresh perspectives. We genuinely strive to affect positive change by helping to solve problems, make discoveries, and in some small way advance society.

BREAKING: We all have just entered innovation’s golden age — a time when society, its mission, and its power structures will be reimagined not from the top, but from the bottom up.

This means that organizations of every type, size, and purpose will set out with the goal of listening and leveling the playing field. They will hear from the people who matter most, and out of a discord of voices, they will learn, grow, and ultimately find their path forward.

Each path must be unique, authentic, and inextricably linked to a new vision of society at large — its purpose, function, and who it actually works for.

Innovation is the motor driving change, and it’s about to be your business, too, whether you know it or not. Welcome to the golden age, an era when talent actually does rise to the top.

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