Photo by Nik Shuliahin on UnsplashHas the last week of protests made you feel uncomfortable? Excellent!

That means you’re likely having conversations that you haven’t had before. You’re experiencing moments of self-examination. You’re considering your work environment and, just as importantly, what your organization stands for (if it stands for anything at all beyond making shareholders happy).

Discomfort is a driver of change. Arguably few things need to change more than where we spend the bulk of our waking hours — work.

Discomfort implies an honest assessment of whether “work” actually works. Organizations are now in a position where they must examine their fundamental purpose in an effort to build employee loyalty and create an economy that works for each and *every* American.

Tell me, how has the last week of protest made you feel? What role should an organization play in generating positive social and economic change within our society?

Or is it enough simply to make shareholders happy . . .?

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