challenge design strategy

design & strategy

Event Design & Strategy

This is the stage where we ask a lot of questions.

  • Why do you want to run a challenge?
  • What are your goals?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • When will the challenge launch? 
  • How long will it run?
  • How will you measure success?

We've got a 16 module process that will help you fine tune all of the details necessary to construct an effective campaign.

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content development

Content Development

This step is aimed at shaping the core components of your event. We’ll help you to sculpt the challenge background and brief, learning materials or supporting resources, registration details, submission requirements and questions, evaluation criteria, communications content, and marketing plan.

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event publishing

Event Publishing

Skild offers a flexible platform to host your challenge or learning program.  Our platform becomes the one destination where your administrators, submitters, and judges will participate.  All of your data is stored in one location and can easily be accessed, modified, or extracted.

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marketing the event

Running & Marketing the Event

Once everything has been designed and set up in the system, administrators have full control and easy access to all aspects of their event. They can monitor submissions, review scores, advance or eliminate entries, communicate with participants, and export data.

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post event

Post Event

We’ve established a checklist of fundamental elements that we use with our clients to steer them toward success. Sometimes our customers come to us with a program that is well designed. In this case, we help them to supplement their missing pieces with, for example, our online software platform or assistance with marketing. Other times, organizations look to Skild’s expert team to help them build a program from scratch. We can focus on exactly what you need.

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The Skild platform enabled us to run a contest where customers submitted entries that were judged by a panel of employees. The back end was user-friendly and easy to maintain, while the front end was very professional looking and easy for customers to use. The Skild support team was helpful in getting us up and running on a tight deadline.”

Dr. Deana Martin Associate Director, Marketing Communications
New England Biolabs
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