impact on your organization

Impact on your organization

External or public challenges can help you to crowdsource ideas from anyone, or trigger target audiences to bring awareness to your brand or products.  They can help you train or engage your next generation workforce. Educational challenges can incorporate STEM and encourage students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Internal or private challenge driven learning programs offer a fresh way to connect with your employees to generate innovative solutions to problems or unite them through unique team building experiences. The competitive nature of challenges energizes participants and encourages them to volunteer ideas in a safe, structured environment. You can train team by introducing learning materials and exercises they can incorporate into their submissions, and ultimately, use in their jobs everyday.

Impact on people

impact on people

Impact on people

Challenge Administrators

Challenges are so much more than having someone submit a form.  Skild helps you to cover all of your bases. We start by listening.  Our aim is to understand your vision and goals. Once we get deeper understanding of what you hope to accomplish, Skild helps to shape your program into the best experience it can be for both participants and administrators.

Running a challenge is no longer a laborious, time consuming endeavor.  Our platform automates many of the tasks that used to be done manually. Our services (marketing, communication, prize distribution) can take care of more.

Challenge Participants

Through challenges, you can empower people to feel safe expressing their valuable ideas by providing the platform that levels the playing field.  Good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and aren’t limited to a job title, age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, education level, or geographical location.

People are motivated to participate in challenges for a number of reasons; prizes, educational opportunities, access to people or resources, networking opportunities, exciting new experiences, peer recognition, publicity, or simply to contribute or feel a sense of achievement.

Looking for a new way to energize and engage your students or employees?  Running a challenge driven learning program is a unique way to offer training and teach new skills.  Challenges unite staff through stimulating team building experiences. Skild equips you with the tools and structured process that enable your participants to activate training materials and then apply immediate actions that tap into their new knowledge.

Impact on ROI

impact on ROI

Impact on ROI

We free up your time so you can focus on other priorities

Time is money. With Skild as your foundation, you won’t need to hire a large staff or spend countless hours managing your event. Most of the challenges we facilitate are managed by a team of only one or two people.

Ideas are money. A simple idea revealed to your organization through a challenge can be worth millions. It could produce the next big marketable product or service. Challenges can also offer insight into improving internal processes, catalyzing behavior change, saving you thousands of dollars.

Training and learning challenges better prepare your employees to be more proficient within the workplace and better skilled to identify internal issues and more adept at identifying solutions through collaboration.

Corporate social responsibility is growing. Sometimes challenges are designed for more altruistic outcomes. They can literally affect social or environmental change. For example, Skild has run challenges that have helped

  • provide clean drinking water or vaccines to lesser developed global communities

  • enhance creativity by providing students with free access and training to design software

  • brought awareness to the epidemic of childhood obesity and showcased crowdsourced ideas for fun physical activity programs to get kids active


services & platform

Services and Platform

Whether you need help with everything from start to finish or just a little help, Skild can provide exactly what you need.

Some customers come to Skild with no idea how to design and run a challenge or challenge driven learning program. They look to us to help them assemble all the ingredients in our recipe to success. Other customers may have already developed some of these ingredients on their own and hire us to supplement the parts they’re missing.

Skild’s services include:

  • Consulting
  • Challenge design - strategy, process and workflow
  • Challenge website design
  • Challenge project management
  • Marketing
  • Prize distribution

Skild’s challenge platform

Our easy to use platform offers a flexible way to construct and facilitate your program online.

Skild Credibility and Expertise

Skild's Expertise

Skild Credibility and Expertise

Over the past 16 years, Skild has helped more than 500 organizations develop fun and meaningful challenges and challenge driven learning programs. We’ve been the conduit that has enabled thousands of people to learn, invent, express creativity, work collaboratively, and nurture ideas.