SyncUp Colorado LogoSkild is proud to announce the launch of the SyncUp Colorado Challenge, a $5 million program designed to provide Colorado’s young people with viable, affordable, alternative pathways to high-quality careers.

While promising efforts are emerging in Colorado to equip the state’s young people for the jobs of tomorrow, these efforts are largely happening in silos. This challenge is founded on the belief that by fostering more coordination between educators, employers, and intermediaries, efforts can be synced to help Coloradans access rewarding careers that enable them and the state economy to thrive. 

Job opportunities in Colorado are growing. Educators, employers, and young people have historically seen the 4-year degree as the primary pathway to access a quality career. Degrees deliver great value for some, but for young people who are unable to afford or complete a degree, there are very few options. Viable alternative pathways need to do three things: be transparent about the outcomes and cost, help young people obtain job-relevant skills, and ensure that employers value, recognize, and hire from these pathways.

Participants in this challenge will compete for one of two awards: The Seed Award and The Scale Award. 

  1. Carrying a prize of up to $350,000, The Seed Award is for new or existing partnerships between two or more organizations that are developing a breakthrough solution. 
  2. And with a prize of up to $2 million, The Scale Award is for new or existing partnerships with proven solutions that are planning to scale. For venture-backed startups, this means Series A and beyond.

In addition, participants will benefit from the following: 

  • capacity building and evaluation support
  • peer-to-peer community and insight sharing
  • media and communications coverage
  • the opportunity to build long-term relationships with Colorado-based funders

To learn more about this exciting challenge, click here.  

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