Photo by Drew Graham @ UnsplashWas “the new normal” wasted on COVID-19? Would it have been better applied to the social justice transformation of 2020 instead?

I’m asking because what we’re witnessing now — the redefining of terms and conditions around what it means to live in the United States — is nothing short of “the new normal.” And make no mistake: The future of work has little to do with “virtually”; it has everything to do with “reality.”

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen no shortage of virtue signaling among organizations seeking to land on the right side of history regarding structural racism and its impact on communities across not only the country but also generations.

But this new normal requires something far deeper. It demands that leaders commit more than words and even dollars to a cause, because well-crafted communications and piles of money alone simply won’t solve our country’s greatest problem.

In order to provide comfort in a time of need, to ease anxiety . . . to carve out a viable, equitable path forward, organizations’ leaders must create new systems that make sense for *everyone.*

By living diversity and consistently providing a platform for unheard voices, you’re solving the future of work. You’re thriving in “the new normal.”

#diversity #corporatesocialresponsibility

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