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Networking has always presented its challenges. And those have only grown in our virtual age, due to lack of context and a seemingly endless supply of distractions. Our interactions seem more removed and a bit less human than they used to.

So, how’s your virtual networking going? When we asked some of our clients this very question, we received surprisingly consistent responses: It takes a lot more strategy, focus, and discipline to make an impact. Concise, coherent messaging has never been more critical.

In our virtual age, it’s equally critical to be able to present yourself in 10 seconds — the equivalent of a 140-character tweet. In that confined space, you must brand yourself in someone’s mind, and your message must be clear, authentic, and memorable.

Gone are the old fat-bandwidth days of freestyled monologues over catered pizza lunches. So, how do you grab the attention of someone who matters during a virtual conference, presentation, or sales call?

At BeSkilled, we understand that language has the power to shape minds, and it must be used wisely if you want to effectively communicate your most important asset — yourself.

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