Photo by @aaronburden at Unsplash

You may have spent the past four years wondering, “What the hell is going on?” You might’ve questioned which country you live in, not to mention your sanity. You might’ve even wondered, “Do I belong here?”

Because that’s what the past four years have come down to: Who’s an American? Who’s more American? Who gets to question that? As I understand it, this country has always been a place of opportunity for all.

November 3 reinforced for me that I absolutely belong — and belonging is 100% back in fashion. Being the son of immigrants, I can’t begin to tell you what a relief that is. But being the son of Indian immigrants, I have a hard time expressing my pride in seeing Kamala Harris break a seemingly impenetrable glass ceiling.

I have twin daughters. Recently, their kindergarten teacher explained the concept of our general election. But she couldn’t explain what it means for certain people. Unlike Indian American girls of even one generation ago, my girls will grow up experiencing world leaders who look like them.

For all of you who might’ve spent even a waking minute of your life feeling like you didn’t belong, this is an indescribably good moment.

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