Photo: Gift Habeshaw at UnsplashIn my last post, I stated that you have an amazing, one-of-a-kind story to tell. I stated it not only because I truly believe it, but also because not enough of you believe it.

Time and again, we’re all faced with a brutal reality that threatens our growth and development. It begins with not knowing how to pitch ourselves effectively, but it actually taps into something much deeper: Do we even have a personal and professional story to tell that others would find compelling?

When we believe in ourselves and the power of our singular story, we are invested with an all-important sense of purpose. We recognize our value and perceive the impact that telling our story effectively can have on others.

Being aware of our value and being driven to tell our story amounts to the first step in overcoming crippling doubts and fears. It’s the very foundation of self-esteem, and it’s the necessary kick in the ass that enables us to get out of our own way and achieve our dreams.

Preparing for failure or achieving our dreams — quite a contrast, right? But sometimes the difference between the two comes down to a moment when we make a conscious decision to choose our destiny.

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