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What is

Skild® is a software service for professional contest organizers. We originally built a competition management system to help run our own contests, and in the process learned that other organizations had the same need: highly reliable, adaptable, automated contest software. So we took years of know-how, distilled it down into an easy-to-use contest app, and voila! Now anyone can develop and run awards, prizes and contest promotions from start to finish. Read on

You might be thinking, why Skild?

Let's face it, there are a lot of contests out there. And why not, running a contest is a great way to get new insights from your community or strengthen loyalty with your customers. Yet most contests, especially inaugural contests, fail to achieve the stated objectives. Bad design, poor administration, lack of promotion, insufficient reporting - these are some of the more common pitfalls. So we decided to build a company dedicated exclusively to helping other companies avoid these pitfalls and create excellent contest experiences. Not convinced? Check out the 21 reasons you'll love Skild.

Is Skild right for me?

Not every company that runs contests needs a competition management solution. But companies that use contest management software to run their competitions know how powerful and liberating it can be. If you run lots of contests with many participants each year, Skild might be right for you. If you run a big annual prize or award, Skild may be right for you. Or if you're running a contest for the first time, or need to breath new life into your existing competition, Skild could be right for you. Any which way, give us a call for a free consultation.

Who uses Skild?

Digital and social media marketing agencies, public relations firms, big brands, small and medium size companies, nonprofits and government agencies all use Skild.

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