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Imagine that you’re an isolated, disabled veteran who is in need of a particular social service. Your challenge is finding that social service with ease. Until now, there has never been a centralized system to guide such people to the programs they need most. 

Enter the Administration for Community Living (ACL) Social Care Referrals Challenge, which recognizes a need for social services, avoiding duplicative workflows in an already strained system, and prioritizing opportunities to provide better support and care for the people served by the health care and social services systems.

The Social Care Referrals Challenge aims to do just that. Launched in March of 2020, the program will award prizes for developing and optimizing interoperable and scalable technology solutions that foster connections between health care systems and community-based organizations in support of holistic health and social care for older adults and people with disabilities.

Twelve teams were selected as finalists to advance to the second phase of the competition. Each will be awarded $30,000 to support continued development of their solutions as they compete for a second award of $60,000 and a grand prize of up to $140,000. 

To read the official announcement and learn more about each finalist, click here.

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