Forbes 30 Under 30 logoThis week, Forbes unveiled their eagerly anticipated “30 Under 30 2022.” As always, the roundup presents an array for formidable talent. 

What makes this year’s list extra special, however, is that it contains the names of not one, but two finalists from the 2021 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge. 

First up, Mitchell Hora, founder Continuum Ag: The seventh generation Iowa farmer, Mitchell founded Continuum Ag in 2015 to help farmers quantify and improve their soil health. The company’s TopSoil Tool helps farmers garner agronomic insights and profit from environmental outcomes, like carbon sequestration. Since launching TopSoil in 2020, Continuum Ag has amassed a footprint of 36 states and 14 countries and one of the largest private soil health databases. The market efforts have expanded via the more than 350 TopSoil Network Consultants and the Continuum enterprise customers, including Rabo Agrifinance.

Next up, Paul Gross, cofounder Remora: Remora builds a device that aims to capture at least 80% of the carbon emissions from a semi-truck’s exhaust. Gross started working on Remora during his senior year at Yale after reading his cofounder's EPA-funded dissertation on mobile carbon capture. The startup has already signed up 16 multibillion-dollar companies for pilots, including Cargill and Ryder.

Other Cisco finalists and winners have gone to reap tremendous rewards beyond the Global Problem Solver Challenge. Which is why Skild is so proud to have designed and produced this incredible event for six consecutive years and running.

The sixth annual Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is now accepting applications. Click here to learn more.

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