When children are dying under the age of one, the world takes notice. Infant mortality in the US is on the rise -- and is impacting underserved communities and people of color more than anyone else. Our nation needs solutions from developers who can help reduce infant mortality through innovative use of technology.

Infant mortality statistics in the U.S. are compelling and disturbing, with rates higher than similar developed countries. Much of this is due to poverty, stress, lack of family support and health education. Studies show that in underserved communities and among people of color, babies under the age of one are dying at a disproportionately higher rate.

The HIMSS developer challenge is intentionally focused on creating technology solutions that save lives in these populations and offer new and effective resources for those who serve them.

Challenge participants can submit into any of three topic areas:

  • Challenge 1: Manage Stress of Life 
  • Challenge 2: Provide Resources for Fathers and/or expectant fathers 
  • Challenge 3: Leverage Value of Community Health Workers

This Skild powered challenge is accepting submissions through October 31, 2018.

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