aarp1Policy Innovation Challenge

AARP aims to identify policy solutions to strengthen economic security for American workers and retirees by achieving Social Security solvency and maintaining benefit adequacy for future generations.  Through their new Innovation Challenge, scholars and researchers are invited to submit ideas from such varied disciplines as political science, law, actuarial science, behavioral science, sociology, social work, economics, psychology, philosophy, and industry. Applicants are encouraged to consider macro trends (e.g., in the workforce, income, wealth, savings rates, life expectancy, fertility rates, marital status) and to take an innovative look at policy options that address these trends.

AARP and an expert external review panel will review applications for funding. Up to five successful applicants will be awarded up to $30,000 to further develop the policy innovation. Successful applicants will deliver a detailed policy paper on one or more specific policy innovation(s) to strengthen Social Security’s solvency and/or adequacy. Additionally, AARP will work with The Urban Institute to assess the financial and distributional impact of the policy proposals developed by the successful applicants.

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Notice of Intent to Apply due on August 31, 2016.

Application for Funding due on September 30, 2016.

AARP Innovation Challenge

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