We pair every client with a customer service representative who will help to set up your event in the Skild platform. After setup is complete, we'll create test accounts to ensure everything is in order and running properly before your official launch.

Brand it your way. Your challenge, your rules, no problem

  • Customize

    Design entry forms, collect data over various phases, enable blind judging, create and manage scorecards using your own criteria and values, compose and send email messages and advance or eliminate entries, all from the administrator portal. Ready to do it all again? We can quickly copy your new event so you can simply modify elements you created during the previous event.

  • There are no limits to how or what you can collect.

    Build forms in our drag-and-drop editor. Assemble forms to gather any kind of data you want - text, image files, video, MSOffice Docs, audio files, PDFs, Zip files, vector files... You name it we can collect it.

We've thought of all of the little things

  • Subtle details enhance the experience

    In just a few clicks, make fields required, set character limits, define file size limits, and even hide elements from judges or public viewers.

  • Let us guide you

    We pair all of our customers with a client services representative who will walk you through every step of the setup process. Then we'll set up sample user accounts and test the event to ensure everything is running smoothly before your official launch.

Prepare for evaluation

  • Entering the evaluators into the system is easy

    Members of your jury can register or you can easily upload your list of judges by using our template. Once they're in the system, you can randomly assign submissions to your evaluators, or if you want to be more calculated as to which judge sees which entry you can manually assign them to your liking.

  • Design your scorecards in minutes

    Jury members can evaluate their assigned entries by using our sliders to assess each criterion you've outlined. You set the scale (binary, 5 point, 1 to 10, 1 to 100 all are possible) and designate each criterion's weight value. In one click, turn on the comment sections to allow judges to provide feedback.

  • "Skild allows me to manage the Cade Museum Prize with ease- the customization tools are extremely intuitive and data analytics are flawless. After having experienced several other competition platforms, never before have I been able to pull such a personalized set of statistics and data. Both participants and judges regularly comment to me on how well designed and easy it is to participate in the Cade Museum Prize using Skild, which is always a priority when managing a prize competition. The crowning stroke is that Skild team takes client relations to the highest level, and they are always eager to work with me to actualize new ideas."

    Alexandra RhotonCade Museum Prize for Innovation
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  • "The Skild platform enabled us to run a contest where customers submitted entries that were judged by a panel of employees. The back end was user-friendly and easy to maintain, while the front end was very professional looking and easy for customers to use. The Skild support team was helpful in getting us up and running on a tight deadline."

    Dr. Deana MartinNew England Biolabs
  • "The Skild platform was instrumental in organizing and evaluating over 100 applications for our first ever recognition award event in education. The platform is intuitive and easy to set up with a clean interface. The Skild team was also very proactive in offering ways to improve the experience and helping to troubleshoot issues."

    N. S.
  • "My business is being a speaker at events. I knew nothing about planning my own awards conference. Skild was easy to set up and execute. The best part was that their support was outstanding and help us with all our questions as soon as they came up. I never want to do an event without them!"

    Barry MoltzCoFounder of The Rule Breaker Awards
  • "Skild's competition platform is incredibly flexible and user friendly. The support is also responsive and really streamlines running a competition."

    Teddy LuongACIDO