An award is fundamentally a competitive process. Just like other competitive processes, awards typically involve multiple categories of participation, multiple submissions and multiple rounds of judging.
  • Design

    Looking to take your award program online? Not leveraging the latest social media tools to grow your community? Need a more comprehensive award management solution? Skild can help.

    In Skild you can have multiple categories and submission phases. You can collect different information through multiple phases. We also offer nominations, collection of entry fees and public voting options.

  • Setup

    With Skild's award software, you get access to all of our standard features in addition to popular add-ons such as nominations and public voting.

    "Multi-phase entries & scorecards - accept different entries by phase and assign different scorecards to each phase.

    Multiple Brackets - create multiple categories to segment groups of contestants and judges within a single award program.

    Nominations - allow users to nominate others and ensure all of the data is integrated throughout the lifecycle of the prize or award.

    Payment Processing - charge a fee to apply for your award, offer discount codes, and integrate with PayPal or your preferred payment gateway.

    Public Voting - broaden audience participation by allowing users to register and vote for their favorite nominees; and turn on public commenting to facilitate community discussions.

  • Play

    Easily create any number of award categories. Design completely different submission forms for each category, if necessary.

    The Admin dashboard let's you view nominations, registrations and submissions in real time.

  • Report

    Export the data as needed for offline reporting.

    Skild ranks the winners for you. Filter by category to see top to bottom jury scores for each category or assemble the view to immediately display highest to lowest ranking entrants for all categories combined.

  • "Skild allows me to manage the Cade Museum Prize with ease- the customization tools are extremely intuitive and data analytics are flawless. After having experienced several other competition platforms, never before have I been able to pull such a personalized set of statistics and data. Both participants and judges regularly comment to me on how well designed and easy it is to participate in the Cade Museum Prize using Skild, which is always a priority when managing a prize competition. The crowning stroke is that Skild team takes client relations to the highest level, and they are always eager to work with me to actualize new ideas."

    Alexandra RhotonCade Museum Prize for Innovation
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  • "The Skild platform enabled us to run a contest where customers submitted entries that were judged by a panel of employees. The back end was user-friendly and easy to maintain, while the front end was very professional looking and easy for customers to use. The Skild support team was helpful in getting us up and running on a tight deadline."

    Dr. Deana MartinNew England Biolabs
  • "The Skild platform was instrumental in organizing and evaluating over 100 applications for our first ever recognition award event in education. The platform is intuitive and easy to set up with a clean interface. The Skild team was also very proactive in offering ways to improve the experience and helping to troubleshoot issues."

    N. S.
  • "My business is being a speaker at events. I knew nothing about planning my own awards conference. Skild was easy to set up and execute. The best part was that their support was outstanding and help us with all our questions as soon as they came up. I never want to do an event without them!"

    Barry MoltzCoFounder of The Rule Breaker Awards
  • "Skild's competition platform is incredibly flexible and user friendly. The support is also responsive and really streamlines running a competition."

    Teddy LuongACIDO