Beyond competition software, Skild offers a range of associated services. Some of our customers use the software alone, others retain our services, but most need a combination of online contest management software and support services.
  • Design

    Skild's leadership team is full of contest experts, several are former employees of the XPRIZE Foundation, a world-class prize institute. With more than 40 years collective expertise living and breathing incentive competitions, we often share our knowledge and experience with others - and we're happy to do it.

    Our philosophy: there's no cookie-cutter template to running a successful challenge, only collective experiences, good and bad, which add up to form best practices. We've documented these best online contest management practices over the years, and we continue to refine them with each new competition. So whether you're starting a new contest, looking to refresh an existing one, or just need some guidance in a specific area like rules development, there's a good chance we can add valuable, perhaps time-saving insights.

  • Setup

    Want to learn how to successfully market a contest? Run one yourself, tweak the format, and repeat over and over again. Or if you're short on time, you can always hire Skild's team of contest marketers.

    We approach the marketing and creative process with authenticity and pragmatism: who are you trying to reach, what do you want from them, and why should they care? With a little up-front learning, we can recommend some crafty outreach strategies that will have would-be participants lining up to participate in your event.

  • Play

    If there's one thing we know really well, it's contest operations. Most of our methods, workflows and processes are contained within our contest platform. But as great as Skild is at automating administrative tasks, human intervention is still required.

    What are the overall tasks and responsibilities of the operations team, and when must they be completed? Are all 2,000 videos entries compliant with the submission guidelines in the official rules? What eligibility, tax or publicity release forms must be signed prior to awarding prize money? Based on the metrics, what should we do differently next time? These are just a few of the questions that may arise, so it's important to address them at the right time: before they become a concern. We'll help you to ask yourself the right questions so that you can prepare the right answers.

  • Report

    Development and Support

    Because we create software, we're often asked if we can build microsites to spec, customize registration forms, or add a new feature that does x, y or z. We love to help you design the product you need. For some requests, we're able to comply in-house to make an adaptation or tweak a design. In other cases, we can pair up our clients with our external partners to help them to complete that missing piece of the program. We've got reliable partners that can offer additional assistance for website design, marketing outreach, legal review and more.

  • "Skild allows me to manage the Cade Museum Prize with ease- the customization tools are extremely intuitive and data analytics are flawless. After having experienced several other competition platforms, never before have I been able to pull such a personalized set of statistics and data. Both participants and judges regularly comment to me on how well designed and easy it is to participate in the Cade Museum Prize using Skild, which is always a priority when managing a prize competition. The crowning stroke is that Skild team takes client relations to the highest level, and they are always eager to work with me to actualize new ideas."

    Alexandra RhotonCade Museum Prize for Innovation
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  • "The Skild platform enabled us to run a contest where customers submitted entries that were judged by a panel of employees. The back end was user-friendly and easy to maintain, while the front end was very professional looking and easy for customers to use. The Skild support team was helpful in getting us up and running on a tight deadline."

    Dr. Deana MartinNew England Biolabs
  • "The Skild platform was instrumental in organizing and evaluating over 100 applications for our first ever recognition award event in education. The platform is intuitive and easy to set up with a clean interface. The Skild team was also very proactive in offering ways to improve the experience and helping to troubleshoot issues."

    N. S.
  • "My business is being a speaker at events. I knew nothing about planning my own awards conference. Skild was easy to set up and execute. The best part was that their support was outstanding and help us with all our questions as soon as they came up. I never want to do an event without them!"

    Barry MoltzCoFounder of The Rule Breaker Awards
  • "Skild's competition platform is incredibly flexible and user friendly. The support is also responsive and really streamlines running a competition."

    Teddy LuongACIDO