How Skild Works

Running the Event & Post Competition

All systems go! Time to promote and launch.

At this stage, you’ll want to begin the promotion of your event. This is where you’ll connect with key target audiences. If you choose to use Skild to help you, our team of marketing experts can execute uniquely designed outreach campaigns to amplify your event, attracting and engaging both participants and supporters. Our methods include a mix of email campaigns, social media advertising, content creation, and good-old-fashioned phone calls.  Below are a few of the ways we can assist.

  • Target lists curation
    • Tapping into our own lists - Throughout the years we have crafted our own outreach directories and they're segmented in categories like healthcare, technology, entrepreneurs and education.
    • Fresh lists - In addition to using our own indexes, we can create new lists that address the specific needs of the challenge.
  • Direct Outreach - We have a carefully refined process that includes email and phone contact.  In our outreach workflow, email messages are tracked and depending on how recipients interact, our system will send varying follow up messages that build excitement and encouragement.  
  • Social Media Ads - We've been highly successful using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to attract attention to challenges.  With your input, we develop the ads, identify the proper audience and execute the campaigns.
  • Promotional Toolkit - We can help design valuable assets that can be used to promote your challenge.  The toolkit contains, blog posts, tweets, Facebook messages, email messages, newsletter text and more.  These materials can be shared with others so they can easily help to spread the word about your event.

screenshot - Judging

Review and Reflect: Winding down your event.

Once your event ends, it’s time evaluate the process and measure success.

All of the data collected in the Skild platform belongs to our clients and can be exported from the system in a variety of ways. Additionally, Skild has tools to help our customers download reports that highlight registration information, submission details and judge evaluations. If you enlist Skild for your marketing needs, we present a comprehensive final report packed with valuable statistics and analytics.

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