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  • event setup assistance

    Peace of mind knowing that your event has been set up correctly and tested by a trained Skild associate.

    We pair every client with a customer service representative who will help to set up your event in the Skild platform. After setup is complete, we'll create test accounts to ensure everything is in order and running properly before your official launch.

  • live training

    You’ll understand the tools of the platform and learn how your event is set up and run.

    We’ll guide you through the setup and launch of your event. You be an expert at setup, execution and reporting. Feel confident in operating or making changes to your event.

  • design resources & user forums

    Skild has designed and run hundreds of challenges. You can tap into our vast knowledge base to ensure your event is the best it can be.

    Access Skild's design resources and guides such as rules templates, playbooks, white papers, tutorials and community of contest producers.

  • unlimited participants

    Whether your event has 10 contestants or 10,000, Skild is ready to scale.

    We don’t believe you should be financially punished for having a successful campaign, so we don’t charge for the number of contestants or judges you have in our system.

  • entry form builder

    Use our easy drag-and-drop interface to build custom entry forms in minutes without a designer or developer. You can add drop down menus, radio buttons, check boxes. Make fields that collect text, video, audio, and any type of file upload you can think imagine.

    Each form element includes validation logic - for instance, file type, file size, optional or required field, and character limits.

  • custom registration forms

    Choose what you want users to submit at the point of registration.

    Our drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create a variety of form fields in minutes.

  • content management

    Modify the language of page content, emails, error messages and so forth to establish a consistent tone throughout the app.

    Skild has general phrases that can be changed in our CMS editor.

  • administrative controls

    A clean dashboard and intuitive controls enable you to navigate and operate the platform confidently.

    Manage users and entries, quickly assign entries to judges, monitor incoming data and view real-time reports - all from a single, organized place.

  • manage entries

    Access any entry or application at any time from the admin panel. You always have access to content, scores and comments.

    Skild automatically compiles scores and displays real-time ranking by phase. Filter, sort or search for entries to eliminate, disqualify or advance contestants to the next phase. Submissions may be moderated or "quarantined" prior to publication.

  • rank & winner selection

    Instantly know who’s got the highest score all the way down to the lowest.

    Use rank feature to choose semi-finalists, finalists or winners for your contest.

  • statistics & reporting

    Monitor your contest and build custom reports to measure results.

    Skild pages may be added your Google Analytics account.

  • filter

    Skild’s built-in filtering system enables you to locate specific entries or users.

    Locate specific users or entries by category, submission status and more.

  • data export

    Effortlessly export all data collected during your contest including all user data, form data and files submitted during the competition.

    All data in the system belongs to you. Export it at any time.

  • multiple categories

    Group and evaluate similar types of contestants and entries. Easily assign expert judges to review only specific categories if you choose.

    In Skild, you can even display different entry forms for each of your categories.

  • phases

    Collect and evaluate data over any number of rounds.

    Collect information from your participants and then evaluate it over time with different judges or different criteria.

  • multi-phase entries & scorecards

    Collect and evaluate new or revised submission data over the course of your event.

    Accept different entries by phase and assign different scorecards to each phase.

  • accept videos

    Accept and display videos.

    Embed videos via YouTube, Vimeo or Vine. Contestants can also directly upload raw video files

  • accept multiple media types

    Allow entrants to upload a wide range of documents, images and videos.

    Collect any type of file: raw video, audio, Microsoft Office docs, pdf, image, zip, vector graphic files and more.

  • approval workflow

    Admins can approve or deny any user type (i.e. users who apply to judge your contest).

    Simply select one or more names in the system and click approve.

  • api

    Sometimes our clients want to go beyond the currently offered features to create their own unique experiences. Skild’s API can be used to help you customize our platform to suit your exact needs.

    Skild has three tiers of OpenSkild, our out-of-the-box solution that helps a majority of our clients get up and running quickly and efficiently with the features listed here.

  • personal branding & custom design

    Design your event’s public facing pages to match your current branding. Create a seamless integration from your website to your event on Skild.

    Build your own custom-branded user interface using our HTML and CSS editors.

  • white label option

    Brand a site and url completely as your own.

    Our white label option removes enables you to remove all references to Skild.

  • social registration and login

    Save participants’ time by enabling instant registration and login.

    Applicants and contestants have the option register and sign into the platform using social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo.

  • public voting and galleries

    Display submissions publicly in an online gallery. Choose exactly what you what to be shown from the submission. If you choose, turn on Skild’s voting features to encourage the public to vote and/or comment on entries.

    Shared gallery entries through Facebook and Twitter and instantly create links that drive traffic back to your event pages.

  • teams

    Allow entrants to self-organize, collaborate and submit as a team.

    Admins can determine the maximum members per team up to 100 participants.

  • payment processing

    Collect registration or entry submission fees.

    Skild offers payment processing through Stripe and PayPal.

  • multi-language

    Skild is capable of displaying the contestant application in any language.

    Events can display in both English and any second language.

  • scorecard builder

    Build your own scorecards, customize the criteria, and assign different weights to each criterion.

    Score submissions on a numerical scale or use binary scoring.

  • assign judges

    Quickly assign entries to judges or judges to entries without wasting time creating complicated configurations offline.

    Use the “quick assign” feature to rapidly distribute all entries to your entire judging panel, or selectively decide which entries to assign to each judge.

  • private judging interface

    Easily assign any number of entries to any number of judges. Use a weighted value system to score your own criteria.

    Register judges from all over the world to evaluate entries, provide feedback, input scores, and review other judges scores and comments.

  • sharing scores and comments

    Scores and comments can be shared with judges and contestants.

    Admins can turn on an option feature that enables judges to see each other’s comments and scores. This data can be revealed to contestants, as well.

  • visibility settings

    Hide the identities of entrants from judges or judges from entrants.

    Enable blind or double blind judging, control the visibility of comments by user group, and set the entry visibility according to your preference.

  • quick links

    Share text, images, documents, videos and external links with your applicants and contestants.

    Text, video and images can appear on screen as a pop up, or enable your users to download files for offline access and sharing.

  • automated messaging

    Skild automatically sends emails to users after certain actions are triggered, like when a submission is received, saving you valuable time.

    Administrators may also send tailored messages to individuals or groups of users directly from the admin interface.

  • timeline display

    Keep your participants updated with a dashboard timeline display.

    Contestants can see a countdown to the submission due date, as well as display of the major milestones for your event.

  • ssl

    Relax knowing your data is safe.

    All pages on the Skild website are protected by encryption.

  • virus scan

    Feel confident that all files uploaded to our server are scanned for viruses.

    Files containing viruses are quarantined and deleted.

  • voter fraud protection

    Skild prevents “ballot box stuffing” by permitting voters to only vote once for a specific entry.

    Administrators can permit voters to cast a single vote for one submission or several submissions, but never multiple times for one single entry.

  • safe harbor certified

    Skild complies with the US-­EU Safe Harbor Framework and the US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland.

    Skild certifies that we adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access and enforcement.

  • zero downtime

    You never have to worry about your event going offline for technical maintenance or upgrades.

    We’ve implemented tools to keep Skild “on” all the time. System upgrades and deployments are done with absolutely no downtime or interruptions to your event.

  • browser independent

    Users can access the platform using most major browsers.

    The Skild platform looks great in the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

  • mobile responsive

    Skild looks great on phones and tablets.

    Contestants are not limited to using only a PC or laptop.

  • cloud-based regular backups

    Ensure your data’s integrity is preserved through automated backups.

    Skild takes "snapshots" of our database in production nightly and maintains a rolling 7 day backup.

  • auto logout

    Automatically logs users out of the system after a period of inactivity.

    Skild saves entries every 60 seconds. However, after a period of inactivity, users will be logged out of the system after 60 minutes.

  • autosave

    Contestants and applicants never have to worry about losing information they’ve entered into the submission form thanks to Skild’s autosave feature.

    Our system saves data every 60 seconds.

  • "Skild allows me to manage the Cade Museum Prize with ease- the customization tools are extremely intuitive and data analytics are flawless. After having experienced several other competition platforms, never before have I been able to pull such a personalized set of statistics and data. Both participants and judges regularly comment to me on how well designed and easy it is to participate in the Cade Museum Prize using Skild, which is always a priority when managing a prize competition. The crowning stroke is that Skild team takes client relations to the highest level, and they are always eager to work with me to actualize new ideas."

    Alexandra RhotonCade Museum Prize for Innovation
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  • "The Skild platform enabled us to run a contest where customers submitted entries that were judged by a panel of employees. The back end was user-friendly and easy to maintain, while the front end was very professional looking and easy for customers to use. The Skild support team was helpful in getting us up and running on a tight deadline."

    Dr. Deana MartinNew England Biolabs
  • "The Skild platform was instrumental in organizing and evaluating over 100 applications for our first ever recognition award event in education. The platform is intuitive and easy to set up with a clean interface. The Skild team was also very proactive in offering ways to improve the experience and helping to troubleshoot issues."

    N. S.
  • "My business is being a speaker at events. I knew nothing about planning my own awards conference. Skild was easy to set up and execute. The best part was that their support was outstanding and help us with all our questions as soon as they came up. I never want to do an event without them!"

    Barry MoltzCoFounder of The Rule Breaker Awards
  • "Skild's competition platform is incredibly flexible and user friendly. The support is also responsive and really streamlines running a competition."

    Teddy LuongACIDO