How Skild Works


This is all about your program’s execution, giving you real-time access to critical data while our team guides you every step of the way.


Let the games begin! Your custom-designed event is live. Registration is open for participants, marketing efforts have commenced, and submissions are pouring in. It’s now time to observe and report: Which marketing channels are driving engagement? Which organizations are promoting your program’s opportunities to their trusted networks? Do the contestants and judges have a clear understanding of the event’s guidelines and goals?

Fortunately, our customer success team is equipped with the Skild platform — as are you. Together, we’ll share real-time access to all user data and detailed reports. This means no more wondering about things like what percentage of the registered contestants have submitted an entry, or how far along the judges are with their scoring assignments. In fact, with our proactive approach and access to valuable analytic insights, we’re monitoring your progress behind the scenes, leveraging our experience to assure your success.

Let's Play!