How Skild Works

Event Design and Strategy

We’ll start with your goals in mind and work backward.

Skild offers both structure and flexibility.

There are certain methods we utilize to accomplish successful campaigns. We’re experts when it comes to challenges design and execution. Because we’ve run hundreds of challenges, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you focus on the best practices that will deliver your desired results.

event strategy screenshot

We’ve developed a 16 module process that will help us to specifically define every part of your program. When we conduct out challenge design session we’ll explore:

  1. Strategic program objectives
  2. Program scope and awards
  3. Project timeline
  4. Challenge questions and supporting resources
  5. Possible partnerships
  6. Program guidelines or rules
  7. Define ideal participants and their participation
  8. Marketing and promotion
  9. Registration
  10. Participation and submission requirements
  11. Judging Plan
  12. Evaluation methods and judging scorecard development
  13. Judge recruitment
  14. Technology platform for review materials and submissions
  15. Communications Plan
  16. Project planning and post event reporting
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