Photo: @visuals-unsplash

As the pandemic has worn on and our interactions have become increasingly #virtual, we’ve become the stars of our own screens. Judging by social accounts like @ratemyskyperoom, our personal space and appearance matter — a lot.

But while you’re making sure that there are no flies on your head and are busy setting up your perfect backdrop — be it a library of leather-bound books or the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones  — have you given any thought to what matters most?

What’s your hook? Do you have a go-to sound bite? Have you given any consideration to what you’re going to say or how you’re going to say it once you’re “on”? If not, there’s no virtual backdrop or fly swatter that’s going to save you from yourself.

When you’re the star of your own screen, your personal flow means everything. You’re in “the zone,” your messaging is spot on, beginning with an unforgettable hook that compels your audience to listen.

Believe it or not, flow is as repeatable as it is essential. A soft skill that can be developed, it’s the single most transformative piece of your new, virtual existence.

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