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How To Refute 3 Common Complaints About Innovation Challenges

Clearing up what an innovation challenge can or should be

Image: Kreg Steppe

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Entrepreneur Q&A: CappSci's CEO Ted Caplow On Creative Competition

How to turn a non-profit into a catalyst for innovative change.

Nowhere is innovation more evident than in the nonprofit sector. Case-in-point CappSci, a nonprofit applied science company created by engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Ted Caplow and his wife, former ballerina Pascale van Kipnis Caplow. CappSci made headlines in 2013 with the $1 million Caplow Children's Prize, the largest prize...


Competition Spotlight: The Cade Museum Prize

Skild is proud to power the Cade Museum Prize, an annual competition for early-stage inventors and entrepreneurs in the state of Florida.


What Civic Innovation Contests Teach Tech Companies

Skild is in the news again this week.  This time, we're featured in InformationWeek.


Collegiate Inventors Competition: Students, your inventions could shape the future

For nearly 25 years the Collegiate Inventors Competition has been recognizing outstanding student inventions in science, engineering and technology. Each year, the top concepts are reviewed by National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees and United States Patent and Trademark Office officials enabling students the opportunity to refine their ideas to take them to the next level. Winners and their...