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Welcome to the Big Education Challenge!

What is The Big Education Challenge? It’s a £1m prize fund powered by Big Change Charitable Trust and Skild.The program will support and reward bold ideas with the potential to transform education and learning in the UK. It will give both young people and experienced innovators the support and funding they need to bring their ideas to life and to show that a new way is possible.


Capricorn Foundation Announces 2022 Food Waste Challenge Winning Solution

Powered by Skild, the Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge was launched in July 2022 and called for innovative and sustainable solutions from the public on reducing food waste in Namibia and, as a result, promoting food security.The 2022 Food Waste Challenge had a total of 101 submissions under the categories of collection, distribution, and storage of food and food products. Not only did...


Launched: The Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge

On Thursday, June 30, the Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge 2022 launched! The program seeks ideas for reducing food waste in Namibia. According to Reliefweb, from July to September 2020, approximately 428,000 people throughout the nation (17% of its population) were facing high levels of acute food insecurity or worse, including roughly 14,000 people in a state of emergency. Solutions to...