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Project HeHa is Looking to Start a Worldwide Movement to Help People Achieve Super Happiness and Co-create a Happier World 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., and HONG KONG, CHINA – May 22, 2017 – Singularity University (SU), a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges, and Project HeHa, a global movement on promoting happiness, today announced the global Super Happiness Challenge. The Super Happiness Challenge is an open innovation contest for individuals and startups to source ideas and new products or services.

Project HeHa (HeHa means super happiness), believes that people have a deep and fundamental need to be happy and to help others become happy too. The Challenge is designed to encourage entrepreneurs and creators to come up with new ideas or ways to tap into unmet needs and co-create a happier world. Project HeHa expects more than 500 ideas to be generated and will provide over $100,000 in cash prizes, and up to $1M in potential investment when finalists present their work at an event in Silicon Valley in October 2017.  

Project HeHa is partnering with Nest, who build platforms to support the entrepreneurial journey and empower startups to solve big challenges. Nest helps startups validate and scale through their Nest Innovations programs and provides access to capital through Nest Ventures. Super Happiness Challenge entries will be judged on HeHa’s 5+1+Others framework with the 5 habits that make someone happy (i.e. health, family, work, friends and leisure), plus 1, which represents the mindset including positive thinking, mindfulness and the “helicopter view.” Applications are now being accepted at http://www.superhappinesschallenge.com/

“While technology brings rapid change to the evolving world, happiness remains the fundamental need of the world. We hope to help the whole world to live happier, healthier and more successful lives” said Sammy Lee, “Chief Invisible Officer” CIO of Project HeHa.“There is no one happiness formula that fits everyone, we foster the co-creation of a vast global resource of happiness that everyone can practice and keep up their spirits everyday.”

SU worked with Project HeHa to design the challenge and submission process as well as setting the scoring criteria and assisting with judging. Singularity University’s global community of 200,000 followers on social media and 125,000 community members representing individuals, startups and large organizations in 115 countries will help to raise awareness for the challenge and serve as one source for entrants. As a benefit corporation, SU and its faculty, initiatives, workshops, accelerators and leadership curricula focus on how exponential or emerging technologies and innovative thinking can positively address the world’s greatest challenges, in this case raising prosperity and optimizing health.

“We are honored to be launching the Super Happiness Challenge with Project HeHa and looking forward to seeing the great innovation that will come from the global SU community and beyond,” said Nick Davis, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at SU. “We’ll be working with the finalists to hone their final pitch presentations during a workshop led by Pascal Finette and his team. Pascal is a full-time SU faculty member and expert in helping startups define and advance their ideas, find partners and mentors, and position themselves for accelerated growth in the market.”


Project HeHa is a movement to co-create a world of Super Happiness.  It is founded by Sammy Lee, the chairman of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG).  The goal of Project HeHa is to help everyone live happier lives - HeHa lives - through specific actions and a global ecosystem.  As an advocate of Super Happiness, we want to practice our philosophy, and help others learn it and pass it on to people everywhere. By helping everyone to develop habits that bring positive change, we hope we can help the whole world to live happier, healthier and more successful lives. For more information on Project HeHa, go to http://www.projectHeHa.com.


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