our american story

A Student Contest by American Evolution and WHRO Education

Our American Story is inspired by the foundational events that occurred in Virginia in 1619. These events reflect stories of triumph, injustice, struggles, innovation, and success, and they indelibly influenced and continue to shape today’s America. Stories of our past challenges, inequities, and successes help us appreciate how far we have come and also inform our path forward to ensure a better future.“

Our American Story” is a digital contest for students (for 8th-12th grades) designed to foster creativity, cooperative learning, critical examination, and discussion among our country’s next generation of leaders. Today’s students have a crucial role to play in shaping the conversation and course of our nation’s future.  Challenge sponsors want to hear students’ unique perspectives on the themes of democracy, diversity, and opportunity. In the process, they hope students will gain a clearer vision of what America can be in the ages to come.

Students can submit entries into three categories:

  • What is American Democracy? How Will You Shape American Democracy? 
  • What is American Culture? How Do You Shape American Culture?
  • What is The American Dream? What is Your American Dream?

Registration is now open and entries are being accepted until November 30th, 2018.

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