BeSkilled: Person in Crowd - Stand OutYou don’t suck. Your bio does.

Skild is proud to introduce its brand-new, leaner, meaner challenge experience — BeSkilled!

With BeSkilled, we’ve taken our 15 years spent producing nearly 600 transformative challenge events and created a series of upskill challenge experiences aimed at employee engagement, time savings, and delivering maximum value where it matters most.

We’re launching with a solution for Pain Point #1 — lost opportunities resulting from inauthentic, confusing, or utterly forgettable professional bios. Whether you’re making critical presentations, introducing yourself in important meetings, or participating in networking events, you need a bio that communicates your most important asset — yourself.

We designed the Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge as an effective, 90-minute super-session aimed at transforming your personal branding and online presence — which has never been more essential than in our new, virtual workplace.

Our experience tells us that those who pitch effectively win. Those who don’t, go home wondering where they went wrong. We felt compelled to help people be their own best spokespeople.

The first challenge deadline is approaching and spots are limited! Click here to learn more about a 90-minute event that just may change your life in ways you never thought possible.

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