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Competition Spotlight: LAUNCH Systems Challenge 2013

Founding partners NASA, NIKE, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US Department of State formed LAUNCH in an effort to bring collective genius, unprecedented networks, and new resources to overcome some of humanity’s toughest sustainability challenges.


Competition Spotlight: Your World, Reimagined

Have you ever looked at an old, dilapidated or run-down locale and thought, "I could design that into something spectacular."  Well, now is your chance to put your design ideas to good use.  In the "Your World, Reimagined" global design competition, you can win cash prizes, design software, and a magazine feature for submitting your ideas in areas such as adaptive reuse, landscape reclamation...


Competition Spotlight: Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge

Partnering with the Make It Right Foundation, The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute will be awarding $250,000 to creative manufacturers who dream up a product for the affordable housing market that is safe for the environment, safe for human health, and designed for re-use.