Red Hat has owned for years, but it was always redirected to their corporate site. Today they launched as the leading resource for anyone interested in learning about “what happens when the open source way is applied to the world.” The site is broken out in to independent channels moderated by Red Hat employees who are experts in Business, Education, Government, Law and Life. The first post is from Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s President & CEO.

I for one am excited to add this to my list of blogs to keep up on. At a time when everything from our social lives to our government is opening up and becoming more transparent to the greater public, I feel like this is a much needed resource to discuss the latest trends, issues and so forth in dealing with a new open source way of working and living. And it’s fitting that it comes to us from the leaders of the open source movement. Check it out when you have a chance – and if you have suggestions for content, I’m sure Red Hat will be open to hearing from you…

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to check out Chris Grams’ interview with Anil: Five Questions with Anil Rathi of Idea Crossing. Enjoy!

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