The Event

the event

Administrators: Tufts University & ChildObesity180

Target: Children, parents and school leaders

the strategy

the strategy

With support from former First Lady, Michelle Obama, ASAP hosted a national two-category competition: "School Programs" for teachers, schools or school districts; and "Technology Innovation" for developers.

ASAP encouraged teachers, schools, or entire districts to enter into the contest their in-school physical activity programs, including any curriculum, activity, environmental modification, event, or other initiative that promoted quality school-time physical activity and was already being implemented.

ASAP also encouraged developers to enter the "Technology Innovation" category to demonstrate how their existing or emerging technology could be used to inspire kids to be physically active. ASAP sought devices, tracking and measurement systems, software applications, innovative uses of social media, gaming, smart phones, and more.

the results

the results

A total of $500,000 in prizes were awarded to nine schools and two technology programs. In addition to monetary awards, top winners advanced to participate in funded pilot studies aimed at expanding both reach and impact.

Participation exceeded expectations with applications and videos submitted from schools in all 50 states. One million students were reached through this program.

ASAP is now empowering and funding a new wave of schools to adopt these proven models that are fun, creative and can make a difference.