No, you’ll actually need more than a platform to run your challenge . . .

“Now that I have a platform, I can start collecting submissions and awarding prizes!” is such a common belief held by novice challenge administrators. Which is why it’s so important to highlight all of the critical components that go into running a successful challenge that lie outside the scope of a software platform. For instance . . .

  • What does your challenge website look like?
  • Have you optimized the design structure of your challenge?
  • How long do you want your challenge to run?
  • Are you managing your challenge alone, or do you have a project manager?
  • How are you letting people — the right people — know that your challenge exists?
  • What resources are you providing to help your participants with their submissions?
  • What information are you collecting in those submissions?
  • How are you evaluating those submissions?
  • Are you sharing any submissions publicly?
  • What are you awarding to participants?
  • How are you delivering those awards to participants?
  • How are you measuring success?
  • How are you preparing to do it all again?

If you’re having a hard time answering the questions above, it’s OK — you’re not alone. This is precisely why Skild is here. We’ve built an ecosystem to cover every aspect of a successful innovation challenge. We began life as a software-only organization but soon realized that our clients needed so much more. Which is why we started to include a portfolio of services, like challenge design consultation, marketing support, website design, project management, data reporting, and prize distribution.

Download this document to learn more about all of the critical mechanics needed to run a successful challenge.