We originally built a competition management system to help run our own challenges, and in the process learned that other organizations had the same need. We've built an easy-to-use online management tool -now anyone can develop and run competitions, awards, prizes and contest promotions from start to finish.
  • Design

    Register contestants, accept submissions, enable judges to evaluate entries online with criteria you've created, rank submissions and offer public voting.

    Gone are the days of patching together various online forms and extracting file attachments from hundreds of contestant emails.

  • Setup

    With Skild it's easy to design, run, monitor and report every aspect of your contest from once central online dashboard.

    Every Skild client is assigned to a customer service associate who guides you through each aspect of the contest design and setup process. We'll send you templates that ask simple questions about your contest. Once completed, our client services representative will set up the Skild platform with the new client during an online web meeting. Once all of the setup components are in place, we'll create and test accounts for contestants and judges to ensure that your contest looks and flows exactly the way you imagine.

  • Play

    Launch your contest and then monitor the progress.

    From the administrative portal in Skild you can watch as contestants register and complete entries. Easily assign entries to judges and view scores in real time.

  • Report

    Export the data as needed for offline reporting.

    All of the data collected during your contest belongs to you and can be easily exported for offline review and sharing. With just a few clicks, export all of the contestant details, entry text and all attachments, nomination info and all comments and scores from the judges.