Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge

  • The Innovation Challenge®, a property of Skild Inc., is the World's largest and most established online innovation competition. For thirteen years, the brightest and most creative people from all over the world have been matched with leading companies in an experience designed to address our most pressing business and social innovation challenges.

  • Q: Where did the Innovation Challenge get its start?

    A: Founded in 2002 by Anil Rathi, at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Skild (formerly Idea Crossing) initially hoped to link consumers who had come up with great product ideas to the companies that could bring the ideas to market. The competition started as something of an incidental experiment. But when the brainiacs leaped at the chance to tackle real-world problems and the companies swooned over the solutions these young outsiders came up with, the "experiment" graduated into an franchise of competitions (excerpt from the book "We are Smarter than Me - Wharton Business School Publishing).

  • Q: Who have been some of your past sponsors?

    A: Some past sponsors include American Express, AT&T, Shell Oil, GE, Samsung Electronics, Google, Harley-Davidson, Hilton, IBM, Whirlpool, USPS, DaimlerChrysler, M&M's Chocolate Candies, Sprint, The UPS Store, Dial Corporation, Chiquita, Cold Stone Creamery, U-Haul, and GE to name a few.

  • Q: How many contestants, schools and countries have participated?

    A: To date, over 8000 students from over 88 countries have tackled pressing issues facing sponsor companies. Over 1500 global innovation experts form a judging community tasked with selecting the most innovative teams.